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Welcome to your forum!

Creating a community takes minutes, but the real work starts after the community is created. Once you have your forums set up and you have chosen a theme, you will need members. Getting members should happen in combined efforts between you and us, your forum host.

What we do:

  1. We offer a promote forum where you can enter your community. Just go to http://directory.yuku.com and enter your community in the appropriate section. Give a short description of what your community is all about. A link to the promote forum is given via a welcome message to everyone who registers at the network.
  2. We take care of SEO and make sure that your community can be found in Google search results.
  3. Each community has an option to enter keywords as well as search tags, both help to make you easy to find.
  4. We offer an opportunity to enter a community avatar on the find settings page. This will bring your community up I search results on the Yuku landing page.
  5. You can buy advertising space on Yuku's landing page at http://www.yuku.com/ Please contact us via the help desk for rates. Buying advertising space will give you a static tile on the Yuku landing page, allowing your community to be seen by a targetted audience for 30 days.

What you can do

  1. First and foremost, don't make it a secret that you have a forum. You need to get the word out there. Use word of mouth as well as word of mouse to advertise your community.
  2. Email campaign. Invite your friends , family and acquaintances via email.
  3. Social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media to spread the word. Make a Facebook page, etc...
  4. Post exchange. Post exchange is especially useful to new forums. You make a few posts on someone else's forum and they make a few posts on yours. A starting forum without posts or members is hard to join as people won't know whether it's worth joining or not. Please go to http://genmay.yuku.com/forums/120/The-Exchange to get started. (If you have a facebook page for your forum, you can also exchange likes there).
  5. Board hops. Join board hops or start one of your own. Board hops can be announced at http://directory.yuku.com
  6. Signature links. When posting on other forums, Add a link to your community on your signature. Most forums allow this, and it is a great way to advertise your community.
  7. Link exchanges. Find forums (not necessarily on Yuku) who are willing. To exchange links with you.
  8. Entry in top sites. Enter your community in top sites, they are often used to find certain forums.
  9. Blog. Start a blog with relevant content and link to your forum. This can be a huge help.
  10. Add useful content. I cannot stress how important this is. Make posts that are decent in size. One-liners are not good when it comes to making your content searchable.
  11. Use search tags on all new topics.
  12. Purchase a custom domain.
  13. Social bookmarks. You can create an account with social bookmark sites where you can add your favourite sites, including your forum. Social bookmarking should not be used just to promote things, but it is a very good way to get the word out there.
  14. Instant messenger. Use skype, AOL, even text messages, use any form of direct messaging to promote your forum.
  15. Description. Give your forum an adequate description on the info page. Use short phrases with targeted keywords.
  16. Content! Again, content, content, content.. The most important thing is to have useful content. Make it the kind of content people will want to read and come back to.